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SAMPLE, LOG, ANALYZE & MAP.A Summary of the Complete POGO System


  • Easy: insert POGO Pro into the turf and tap “Sample” on your smartphone/tablet, then move to the next location.
  • Captures moisture, salinity (EC) and canopy temperature with its integrated sensor precisely positioned in the most influential component of the turf system.
  • The exact location of every sample is recorded with every sample.
  • For the typical green, 6-9 samples is sufficient. This takes under 2 minutes.


  • Captured data is stored in the app that runs on Apple or Android devices.
  • Using integrated GPS, log: sprinkler locations, cup placement, ball speed, slope and boundary (and more) of the green or any zone.
  • Record notes and capture photos. Eliminate paper records and share easily. Retrieve at any time.
  • The simple-to-use, all-in-one system replaces multiple pieces of equipment and manual processes, providing unparalleled efficiency.


  • ƒInstant analysis is performed while taking samples, providing the power of decision making in the palm of your hand. More thorough analysis is automatically performed on all data once uploaded to the cloud.
  • Our unique Visual Insight provides detailed analysis of the data you capture automatically, so you never need to wade through numbers or charts.
  • Real-time, clear and accurate irrigation, nutritional and uniformity assessments provide complete understanding of turf and soil conditions, water and fertilizer management optimization and causes of stress.
  • Actionable conclusions to maximize turfgrass health using scientific insight, with minimal effort.


  • Map sprinkler patterns and uniformity assessments.
  • Assess area measurements precisely.
  • Map features unique to your property...easily.
  • Practice more efficient water, nutrient, turf enhancement, and IPM applications by knowing impacts on turfgrass performance at all times. Eliminate guessing and make decisions based on precise conditions.
  • Predict and avoid future problems.

Benefits for Golf Superintendents



turf health and conditioning, root growth and soil conditions, irrigation distribution and performance.


water and fertilizer consumption.


the effects of your nutritional and chemical applications. Adjust their timing more effectively.


playing conditions and stress tolerance.


effectiveness of maintenance practices.

  • Validate aerification practices (air/water improvements)
  • Build degree days and POGO performance indicators accurately and specific to your property
  • Optimize nutritional and salinity management practices



reasons for turf decline: moisture, nutrients, stress, or the combined impact of moisture, salinity and temperature. Know if a ‘dry’ spot is hydrophobic or if the discolored condition is the result of elevated salinity or other measured condition.


nutrient release longevity.


future stress: Analyze trends to identify negative conditions before symptoms develop.


the most influential factors for turf performance, above and below ground to make the very best decisions in turfgrass management.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCYDo more in less time.


paperwork and manual notes.

  • Log timestamp and GPS location with every turf sample taken automatically
  • Capture sprinkler and cup positions
  • Record notes and attach photos to each sample and share with users, who are all synced through the cloud
  • Correlate POGO lab analysis reports


spreadsheets and manual analysis. Let the POGO system do the number crunching with advanced algorithms—just use the map-based Visual Insight to understand, predict and optimize your turfgrass. Make your best decisions with confidence.

  • Sean Kinsley POGO Turf Pro Customer
    I have become a huge fan of the POGO. It is easily one of the best value for money investments I have ever made. For the first time in the history of this property we are getting hard data on what is actually happening down in the profile. This is helping us realize huge water savings over time and is informing big changes to our flushing schedules and gypsum/wetting agent applications, making them much more effective and cost efficient. The POGOs we purchased paid for themselves within a matter of weeks and are now a must have tool for all supers in my opinion.
    Sean Kinsley
    Golf Course Superintendent, The Address Montgomerie Dubai
  • Dario Pascua POGO Turf Pro Customer
    Having managed both cool and warm season turf, I understand the changing dynamics in irrigation and nutrient applications. When the best decision is not made, it can be costly. Using POGO removes any guesswork—I know exactly what’s going on when it comes to managing moisture, salts and fertilizer. POGO is my most valuable resource in my daily operations.
    Dario Pascua
    Golf Course Superintendent, Club Course, The Polo Club of Boca Raton
  • Craig Haldane POGO Turf Pro Customer
    POGO has allowed us to track our VWC% on a daily basis, and given us the ability to apply exactly what’s required on every individual green. We also have a definite indicator as to what our EC levels are, and where. We’re able to forecast, plan and prepare so much better and our greens have never been more consistent. I highly recommend it—it’s easy to use, gives us great data and makes it easy to understand what the data really means, giving us what we need to make the right decisions.
    Craig Haldane
    Director of Golf Course Maintenance, Dubai Golf
  • Kurt Beatty POGO Turf Pro Customer
    I’d highly recommend purchasing POGO. You’re going to see savings of money and time, as far as watering and chemicals and fertilizer because you’ll be treating your grounds more selectively—based on what it tells you, instead of just applying it across the board.
    Kurt Beatty
    Green Brook Country Club, North Caldwell, New Jersey
  • Ken Lochridge POGO Turf Pro Customer
    The POGO is an incredible tool. I can takes samples in the morning then print out a visual map of each green to hand to my staff so they know exactly where to hand water and where not to. It gives me moisture to EC and temperature data I need to make great correlations so I can manage my greens better.
    Ken Lochridge
    Glen Head Country Club, Long Island, New York

Watch the Case Study

Learn how Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas increased water use efficiency and now predicts turf problems before they start to show. Download the Case study to read it.



The POGO family provides more insight into your turf conditions than any other tool.

Pogo Pro


The ultimate professional tool for maintaining healthy turf. Measures all 3 critical soil parameters plus pro-level GPS.

Pogo mini


A more advanced spot-checking turf sensor for less.

Pogo benefits


Superior insight. Better decisions. Optimal turf.

Pogo app


Sample and log data, and bring the analysis right to the green.

Pogo Cloud


Advanced turf condition analysis, done for you and presented visually.

Pogo weather


Wireless, autonomous insight into environmental turf influences.

Pogo videos


Watch, learn, save time.

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