POGO Turf Pro Cloud:So Much More Than Just Numbers

The POGO system doesn’t just record and present the raw data for you to interpret. Because your time is limited, you really want an analysis—What does the data mean? What should you do?

POGO Turf Pro Cloud automatically analyzes your data and presents it visually with every upload from the app. See variations of moisture, salinity, temperature, ball speed, firmness and more across every zone of your course(s), and understand the effects of their interaction. This makes it quick and easy for you, and everyone else on staff to perform Best Management Practices (BMPs) by applying precisely what is needed, when it’s needed. There’s really nothing else like it.

┬âIt's cloud-based, not desktop-based, so there’s nothing to install or maintain, and it can be accessed anywhere from any computer or mobile device.

You’ll get an enormous amount of insight at a glance, from just minutes a day during your morning rounds.

  • Hot spot identification for site-specific hand watering
  • Nutritional stress identification
  • Traffic influences on the turf conditions
  • Changing rootzone conditions
  • Positive and negative trends are easily identified before stress symptoms show up

Better decisions with Visual Insight.

Every measurement captured with the POGO contains moisture, EC, salinity concentration and temperature PLUS the precise location from the integrated pro-quality GPS. This allows POGO Turf Pro Cloud to plot the data spatially on a real satellite map of your course.

Colors are assigned to different ranges (which you can define). Data is automatically interpreted between locations where measurements were taken, so you’ll see turf conditions for the entire green, from just a small number of quick samples.

pogo cloud satellite map summary

Property Mapping

Use POGO’s precise, integrated, pro-quality GPS to map just about anything on your property. Create your own irrigation as-built images, log IPM problem areas, map individual irrigation and drainage components.

Layer any feature or mapped condition or object that you wish. Standard objects include drainage lines, sprinklers, valves, catch basins, irrigation controllers, and many more.

Observe how sprinkler patterns and traffic flow are contributing to the conditions you measure and see.

pogo cloud satellite golf course property layers

Automatic Distribution Uniformity Audits

Get a course-wide audit every day in minutes per zone without needing to do a traditional time consuming DU analysis.

Distribution uniformity (DU) of moisture and EC for each zone is calculated instantly—a true representation turf conditions (what’s actually penetrating the turf, not just what lands on the surface). Analysis of the irrigation system, uniformity of nutrient applications and other variances that would otherwise only be determined with a lot of work during time you don’t have, or consultation expense you don’t need.

pogo cloud satellite golf visual insight

Pin Planning

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Record pin positions daily and use this information to correlate with the turf conditions measured with POGO to help explain the patterns you're seeing, and plan where future pin positions should go. Set these future positions with the Pin Planner tool, so your selected positions will be shown on the automatically generated pin sheets. They can be printed or are accessible in real time by the Pro shop, members, and staff using a public URL.

pogo pin planner

Trend Reports

POGO Turf Pro Cloud sees black layer forming before you do. By visualizing your data across time, trends become apparent, allowing you to see problems forming before symptoms appear, so you can react before it becomes costly. This is just one practical application of many.

Plot data for any combination of zones, turf parameters and date range to help identify trends and know how and when to adjust your irrigation, fertilization and cultural practice applications. Even trend ball speed, firmness and other spec conditions using POGO’s spec features.

pogo trend report


POGO Turf Pro Cloud Overview

A brief overview of the POGO Turf Pro Cloud and property mapping features.

pogo cloud satellite map summary
pogo cloud golf
pogo cloud golf visual insight
pogo pin planner tool
pogo cloud trend reports


The POGO family provides more insight into your turf conditions than any other tool.

Pogo Pro


The ultimate professional tool for maintaining healthy turf. Measures all 3 critical soil parameters plus pro-level GPS.

Pogo mini


A more advanced spot-checking turf sensor for less.

Pogo benefits


Superior insight. Better decisions. Optimal turf.

Pogo app


Sample and log data, and bring the analysis right to the green.

Pogo Cloud


Advanced turf condition analysis, done for you and presented visually.

Pogo weather


Wireless, autonomous insight into environmental turf influences.

Pogo videos


Watch, learn, save time.

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