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Case Studies


Learn how Jeremy Adkins at Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas conquered his water and salinity challenges in under a year by implementing POGO.

Watch the CASE STUDY video, or download to read.

Product Overview Series

Short videos covering the basics of the system and the three core components of it.


    POGO system overview


    POGO Pro hardware overview


    POGO smartphone/tablet overview


    POGO Turf Pro Cloud overview

Recorded Webinars


Webinar: Optimizing Turfgrass Performance Using the POGO System. This is a recording of a webinar given by Carmen Magro of Stevens Water, and published by Golf Course Industry on June 14, 2016.

Golf Course Industry Tech Show Series

POGO VP of Business Development Carmen Magro provides some in-depth insight into the POGO system for Pat Jones, on location at the Cordillera Ranch Golf Club in Texas.


    Pat Jones and agronomist Carmen Magro discuss in depth POGO and how superintendents are using the technology as a management and labor-saving tool.


    In this second installment, Pat Jones and agronomist Carmen Magro discuss how to use POGO technology out-of-box, and how the system collects data.


    In this episode, Pat Jones and Carmen Magro discuss the metrics superintendents use POGO to monitor and how this data guides agronomic programs.


    Pat Jones and agronomist Carmen Magro visualize the POGO system data and discuss what the depiction says about golf course agronomic trends.


    In the final installment, Pat Jones and agronomist Carmen Magro discuss perceptions and dispel misconceptions about POGO, as well as the system's ROI.



    Golfdom: Getting the inside scoop on POGO at GIS 2018


    Golfdom: Carmen Magro highlights Pogo turf monitoring system at GIS 2017



The POGO family provides more insight into your turf conditions than any other tool.

Pogo Pro


The ultimate professional tool for maintaining healthy turf. Measures all 3 critical soil parameters plus pro-level GPS.

Pogo mini


A more advanced spot-checking turf sensor for less.

Pogo benefits


Superior insight. Better decisions. Optimal turf.

Pogo app


Sample and log data, and bring the analysis right to the green.

Pogo Cloud


Advanced turf condition analysis, done for you and presented visually.

Pogo weather


Wireless, autonomous insight into environmental turf influences.

Pogo videos


Watch, learn, save time.

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